The Seatrac

The Seatrac is a cleverly designed piece of equipment which enables the user whether disabled or able bodied, to enter the sea in a safe and confident way, The user transfers to the special seat and is gently glided into the sea at their own pace to a point that they feel is comfortable to them.

Some visitors are then able to swim out on their own accord, and return to a safe place after their dip in the sea before getting themselves back onto the Seatrac and onto the beach.

We advise that one other person is there to help and support the less able visitor, as this is not privately manned.

The Seatrac is  provided by the Municipality of Polis, again, one of Chris’s projects, to allow less able visitor the chance to spend time simply relaxing, floating or swimming in the Mediterranean sea, with their family, caregiver, friends etc, something that most visitors never thought possible.

Some take along swimming aid, floats etc, for that added peace of mind.  It’s proven to be most popular by visitors here at C & A, who tell me they feel so invigorated and fulfilled at having had the opportunity to use the Seatrac

Parasailing & Boat Trip

There is a Watersport centre at Latchi, where you can try parasailing, tandem style or solo, boat trips/fishing trips etc…..

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