There is FREE Wi-Fi connection at the apartments

Our hotel is family run AND we live on site. There are 11 studios, 7 one bedroom apartments (sleeps maximum 2 adults and 2 children on sofa bed) and one 3 bedroom apartment (sleeps maximum 6 people). Contact will be with my mom, my dad, my sisters, myself and of course other “friends”

Supermarkets are within easy reach. There is one around the corner and there are quite a few around the whole village. You can find most products. They also have fruit and vegetables.

To the beach: 15 – 20 minute stroll by electric wheelchair or by foot (2 minutes by car) 1.1 Km

Along the beach there is a  paved pathway which leads to the fishing harbour of Latchi.  This is about 2.5km stretch so an electric wheelchair or scooter is suggested for your convenience

To the village square: 5 minute stroll by any wheelchair (electric or manual) 500m.

To the restaurants: All village restaurants are within a 5 minute radius of the hotel.

in our on site adapted taxi:
Pafos Airport is a 45 min drive from the hotel.

Larnaca Airport is a 2 hour drive from the hotel.

All the rooms have a self catering kitchen which means all the utensils and equipment are provided.
Each kitchen has its own kettle and a fridge.

Bathroom towels are supplied but please bring your own pool and beach towels. Linen gets changed every few days, flat is cleaned by occupant . If you would like your apartment cleaned more regularly, this can be arranged, and the appropriate fee paid locally.

If any guests are incontinent, please be aware that mattress protectors are in use at all times and if any damage occurs to the mattress or sheets there will be a replacement cost involved (between €20.00 to €40.00 for soiled sheets/protectors and a further charge of €200.00 for mattress)

Please bring your own!

There is only a washing machine in the three bedroom apartment.
There is a launderette about 50m away from the complex.

A welcome packet for late arrivals can be provided by request. It normally consists of the essentials i.e. bread, milk, sugar, tea or coffee, some fruit and some water.

Like in most places accessible toilets are very scarce but there are two very close to the village square. In Latchi itself some of the restaurants have accessible toilets

All our beds have been heightened so that it is easier for wheelchair users to transfer on and off the bed.

There is an emergency hospital about 1km away and a local doctor can be reached by phone.

Please bear in mind that the doctor is only a GP and not a specialist.

There are 3 adapted taxis on site. These taxis are used for airport transfers, excursions and daily transfers. Charges are provided on request or locally. and where possible, French, Dutch and Swiss tour guides can be arranged for a fee See www.ca-taxi.com

If any guests are incontinent, please be aware that if any damage occurs, there will be a valeting service charge involved (between €100.00 to €150.00)

Below is a tip for those bringing their own wheelchairs

We had a brilliant couple of weeks in September/October. Instead of listing all the wonderful times we had and things we enjoyed so much about our stay with you I thought that this time I would pass on some wisdom from Kumer.

Eleni has a manual titanium wheelchair with pneumatic tyres and even air-filled (Danish) casters at the front of the chair. These give the smoothest possible ride, without the jolting from solid tyres and hard casters, and are kind on the spine. The downside is the possibility of punctures when away from home. As well as the wheelchair Eleni now uses a Freewheel attachment, which has a single tyre, with an inner tube. That means three different sizes of tyres and inner tubes. We always travel with spare inner tubes and hope not to need them.

Riding along the traffic free path, along the sea front, in the first week, the Freewheel suddenly went flat and we found that a thorn had gone through the tyre and punctured the inner tube. On arriving back at C & A I looked for Kumer, who is a genius at fixing punctures. He took the wheel, Eleni’s allen keys and her spare inner tube and was back in no time with a fully inflated and functioning wheel. He even put a repair patch on the punctured inner tube, to create another spare. He said he was so happy that I carried spare tubes on holiday because he often finds people come without them, never considering that the specific size they need might not be available in Polis. He said people can really spoil their holiday if they rely on their own chair or other mobility aid and they have a puncture that cannot be fixed. Kumer wants everyone to have a great time and is really upset if he cannot carry out a repair to get people, who bring their own chair, mobile again. So, I am passing on his wisdom. “Always Pack spare inner tubes.”

Chris and Eleni (England)

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