Walkway to Latchi

For those wanting to explore a little further, there is a scenic route to take you down to Latchi with its picturesque harbour, lined with restaurants along the harbour and gift shops behind those, on the main road to Latchi

The stroll to Latchi is possible for able bodied and disabled/wheelchair users’ alike, level walkway from the other side of the beach bar, or if you prefer not to go through the campsite, the road is easily accessible, leading you onto the beach walkway.

Most people stop at the Polis Beach bar for a coffee or something cold before heading to Latchi on the beach walkway (something Chris was heavily involved in, with regard to an accessible route for tourists and locals alike).

This walkway is fringed by sand dunes, beach and of course the very welcoming Mediterranean Sea. This walkway will take approx 30 minutes at a steady pace, but in an electric wheelchair or scooter, much less. There are toilets part way there at the Fish restaurant  ….which are outdoor, no need to go into the restaurant, then you can continue further to explore the quaint harbour of Latchi (the Seatrac is in this vicinity)

To see the sun setting down at the beach is something to really look forward  to, and if you don’t fancy the stroll back (as it gets dark quickly), it’s advisable to pre-book a taxi from C&A, so there will be no rush back then and you chill out a little longer

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