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Our on-site restaurant proves to very popular here at C&A which is open most nights for supper.

We have indoor and outdoor seating in a relaxed setting. The food is varied but includes sumptuous salads…many varieties…Greek salad, being the speciality. Locally grown produce, fresh and prepared on site by our family.

The vegetables are locally sourced, many varieties to choose from and all cooked in a variety of ways We include vegetarian dishes, succulent chicken and pork dishes, fish….and Evas famous curries.

A range of delicious desserts and cakes are also included, as well as a ‘bar service’ to your table.

The serving of food is buffet style, not menu. Most of our guests opt for the package including meals, so leaving other nights free to try the local cuisine in the restaurants in Polis and other areas like Latchi

Depending on the time of year, we have a BBQ evening (BBQ prepared by dad, Andreas)

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